Our Services
1. Machine Designing and Customizing
We create and design new machine according to customer needs and budget. This include either they have a proper plan and system or just an idea in how to get the job done. We will turn the ideas to reality.
2. Machine Upgrade
We upgrade the existing machine follow the need and requirement from customer using current technology available for optimizing productivity and to reduce their production cost. We do this strictly follow to the customer’s budget.
3. Machine Repair and Overhaul
We provide repair and overhaul services with reasonable price using economical concept to save customer budget but still getting higher productivity.
4. Advisory Services
We give advisory service to our customer on proper of machine use and maintenance for new and old machine to maximize production and getting more profit with less investment.
5. Machine Service
We provide normal service or periodic service to customer on new or old machine to ensure their machine always in a good condition and highly productive.
6. Innovation Product
We also doing research product or program based on customer needs. This includes creating, recommending and designing of research finding or paperwork from Research Institute, University, College or Government Agency.